How It Works


Access the best medical experts from anywhere in the world.

When faced with difficult treatment options, a second opinion can be an invaluable resource. However, it may not always be an option if you have limited access to care due to mobility issues or where you live.

Vivien Health offers on-demand remote consultations with world-class foot and ankle physicians. As a leader in foot and ankle care, Vivien Health leverages the latest technology to connect patients around the globe with world-renowned surgeons.

Complete a secure patient questionnaire

Fill out a brief questionnaire, upload your scans and medical records and tell us why you’re seeking a second opinion.

Virtually meet your surgeon

An expert surgeon will be assigned to you and thoroughly evaluate your case.

Review your report

Your chosen physician specialist will send you a detailed second opinion report.

A more convenient way to get a second opinion

We make it easy for anyone to receive a second opinion for their foot and ankle care. Our world-renowned experts are leaders in their field and are able to provide you with the most reliable second opinion within 2-3 days.

What we need from you

You simply upload your existing medical records, clinical pictures, and radiology imaging to our HIPAA compliant secure site.

What you’ll receive from us

For $250 per report, you receive a thorough opinion from high-demand, expert surgeons, without having to travel or deal with insurance company bureaucracy.