Why should I get a medical second opinion?

All medical doctors have unique experiences and training, and it can be a good idea to get a different perspective for your peace of mind. Beyond that, getting a second opinion will help you reclaim your healthcare choices and be your own advocate.

Do I need my doctor’s permission to use your service?

You do not need your doctor’s permission to obtain a second opinion.

How secure is your system?

Your privacy is extremely important to us. Our platform uses the latest technology and is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. Our system was built with secure and confidential data management in mind. We follow data security best practices and do not share any of your personal information — email, personally identifiable information, uploads — with third parties without your consent.

Can I use my insurance policy to pay for the second opinion?

No, currently we do not accept insurance.

How much does a second opinion cost?

A second opinion report from one of our high-demand, expert surgeons costs $500.

Can I use your second opinion report for legal proceedings?

The second opinion rendered by our expert surgeons is for your use only and not meant to be utilized for legal purposes.

Can prescriptions be ordered or dispensed through Vivien Health?

Currently, no prescriptions are written or dispensed through the Vivien Health site.

Where are Vivien Health’s surgeons located?

All of our surgeons are board-certified and based in the United States.

How do you ensure the security of patients’ information shared through the platform?

Vivien Health is dedicated to the privacy of your medical records and personal information. We provide our services through a secure HIPAA compliant cloud hosting provider.

How do you vet the medical professionals you work with?

All of our surgeons are highly trained, in-demand, orthopedic subspecialists with additional training in foot and ankle surgery. They are board-certified and based in the United States. All of them have active licenses and are currently practicing in the United States.

How do you ensure compliance with HIPAA?

Your privacy is extremely important to us. Our platform is HIPAA compliant. Please click here for our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices as mandated by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Why is there a processing fee for sending in my documents via certified mail or an encrypted email service?

For people seeking a second opinion, who are unable to sort through their medical documents and upload them through our site, we give the option of either mailing in the documents or sending them through a HIPAA compliant email service. The additional fee covers the cost of having our support staff sort through and arrange the records for the Vivien Health surgeons.